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Wisconsin Surrogacy Lawyers

Are you going to be involved in the surrogacy process? Our attorneys represent carriers, donors and intended parents who want to be involved in this process but don't know what to do or how to protect their rights. At Grady, Hayes & Neary, we look out for the best interests of our clients whether they decide to pursue gestational or traditional surrogacy or use egg donation.

If you are unable to give birth, you may consider surrogacy as a viable alternative to adoption. Chances are, you have little information about the surrogacy process and you're unsure as to what you should expect. We can help you understand the process and make sure your rights are protected on a variety of issues that may come up during the surrogacy process:

  • Gestational Surrogacy: In most cases, the intended parents use their egg and sperm to create embryos, which are transferred to a surrogate mother who will, in turn, carry the baby. We can help you come up with a comprehensive parentage contract before the process starts so that all parties are clear as to their rights and obligations.
  • Egg or Sperm Donation Contracts: If a third party is donating sperm or egg to the parents, it is still imperative that all sides are completely clear as to their rights and obligations. We work for egg donors, sperm donors, and intended parents.
  • Determining Parentage: It may be necessary to make sure that the intended parents are legally identified as parents. We would set a court hearing to confirm parentage and obtain a birth certificate.

Surrogacy in Wisconsin

There are no comprehensive state surrogacy laws in Wisconsin. There are several different infertility clinics within the state, and they operate under federal guidelines. We can help you navigate this complicated system and come up with a surrogacy agreement that protects your parenting rights.

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Whether you are interested in becoming a surrogate mother or you would like to pursue surrogacy as a parent, it is important to know what to expect from the process. We can help you understand your rights and make sure they are protected throughout the process. Contact us today for more information.


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