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Adoption Q&A

Below are some answers to questions concerning adoption:

  1. What expenses can be paid as part of an adoption proceeding in Wisconsin?
  2. Is it necessary to engage a licensed child welfare agency in a private adoption?
  3. What are gestational surrogacies, and do they occur in Wisconsin?
  4. What is the current status of international adoptions?
  5. What happens if there is an adoption between a birth parent and adopting parents from different states?
  6. What happens when an adoption does not work?
  7. What legal steps may be taken when children are raised by non-parents?
  8. If adopting parents are not sure whether the child they seek to adopt is eligible for adoption assistance, should they proceed with the adoption and have the question decided later?
  9. With an international adoption, is the child automatically a citizen of the United States if adopted by U.S. citizens?
  10. If a foster parent has had a child in placement for a long time, is there anything the foster parent can do if social services gives notice of its intent to remove the child and place the child with another family or with a birth parent?
  11. Can out-of-state adopting parents take physical placement of the child before the termination of parental rights hearing?
  12. Biological parents have fundamental constitutional rights
  13. Expense Reimbursement Violation
  14. Mediation and Adoption
  15. Paying for an Adoption
  16. Paying for an Adoption-Part Two
  17. Sibling Placements
  18. Rights of Foster Parents
  19. Contact between birth parents and adoptive parents after placement
  20. Interim Adoptive Placements

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