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Private Adoptions in Wisconsin

We help Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Racine couples become families

In private adoptions, the birth mother (and sometimes the father as well) chooses the family that will adopt their child. Sometimes this arrangement works the other way around, and the prospective parents choose the birth mother. Either way, this process is generally facilitated by an adoption professional, typically an attorney, and will likely also involve an adoption agency.

Although Wisconsin does not require an attorney for an adoption, almost all prospective adoptive parents consult with an attorney. Stephen Hayes’ and Elizabeth Neary’s decades of experience as Wisconsin adoptions attorneys will keep the private adoption process as uncomplicated and expedited as possible.  They have helped dozens of couples with adoptions in Racine, Milwaukee, Kenosha, and other Wisconsin communities. 

Here are some basic facts about private adoptions in Wisconsin:

  • The age of child at adoption is typically 2 days to 1 month.
  • Any qualified foster parent can adopt.
  • Birth mothers are trending towards choosing parents in their mid-20s to early 30s.

Why choose a private adoption?

Typically, in a private adoption the adoptive parents will have more interaction with the birth mother and family than in other forms of adoption. With a public adoption, children have already been placed in the care of the state and it may be difficult or impossible to locate information about their biological parents, or their biological parents may have already given up their parental rights.

Children involved in a private adoption process are less subject to the potential emotional trauma of longer-term state or foster care. That said, private adoptions can be more complicated, and a skilled adoptions lawyer in  Milwaukee can greatly simplify the process.

Private adoptions are usually, but not always, more expensive than public adoptions. A seasoned adoption attorney can help you estimate in advance how expensive your private adoption will become. A Wisconsin adoption attorney can also help you weigh the costs and benefits of a private versus a public adoption.

Steps toward private adoption

  • Educate yourself about the adoption process.
  • Determine that private adoption is the type of adoption you want to pursue.
  • Decide on how you will handle the expense involved.
  • Consult with an adoption professional (typically an attorney) and select an adoption agency.
  • Begin the home study process.
  • Meet the birth parents.
  • Start adoption and parenting classes.
  • Make sure your home is ready for the adopted child.
  • With your attorney, file a petition to adopt.
  • Finalize the adoption.
  • Take advantage of post-adoption services.
  • Love and cherish your new baby!

Consult an attorney

If you are considering a private adoption in Wisconsin, whether a Milwaukee private adoption, Racine private adoption, or Kenosha private adoption, contact Stephen Hayes or Elizabeth Neary of Grady, Hayes & Neary, LLC for an introductory adoption conference.


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